Service Lifts Solutions

The MINI and MAXI service lifts are a range of small service lifts designed for the vertical transport of small and medium loads and to facilitate multiple applications within the industrial and service sectors.

Our rigid quality controls make these service lifts lasting and reliable products. The service lifts are in accordance with Machine Directive 2006/42/CE. They are supplied with the CE mark. The main advantage of this type of product is its adaptability to your specific requirements.

This adaptability is achieved by offering a wide range of sizes and two different installation versions: wall mounted or using a self supporting structure. Moreover, both hydraulic drive (low noise level) and electrical traction drive (for travel distances greater than 8m) are available.

In addition to the above, these service lifts include manufacturing features designed to optimise installation times, such as: manufacture of modular elements, prefabricated electrical installation, ready to plug in, as well as pre assembly of several elements.


Lift Car
With up to 3 possible accesses on one stop level. A supporting tray is included as standard (other numbers of trays available on request as an option). Car doors available as an option.

Vertical bi-parting door with lock and electrical security contact. Automatically operated doors available (which consist of door opening and closing using a foot pedal), as well as fire resistant doors in compliance with EN 81-58. Hatch available for machine inspection.

Button Panels
Call and send push buttons for all levels with light indicator for busy car and acoustic signal on arrival of the car. All these components operate at 24V as a safety measure.

  • Dumbwaiters for restaurants, bars, coffee shops
  • Service lifts for shoe stores
  • Small packages
  • Libraries and book stores
  • Hospitals, clinics, chemists
  • Offices


The MAXI platforms are for loads of 3 to 5 tonnes and include the same options as the MIDI Plus. The MAXI is the best option when working with a fork lift truck. Made up of opposing columns, the MAXI is used when the floor of the lift is wider than what is advised for lifts with columns on just one side. Made up of adjacent columns on the same side, the MAXI L is used when a greater load capacity is required than that of a MIDI Plus. In this way, there is still the possibility of entrances via all three sides and utilised the shaft better than the model with opposing columns.

  • Hotel laundry and restaurant services
  • Warehouse service lift for packages
  • Service lifts for merchandise only in retail and industrial buildings

City Lifts specialises in vertical transportation equipment. We are Perth's largest privately owned provider of these products and utilise a global network of manufacturing facilities as well as our in-house lift interior manufacturing to deliver superior value for money.

Our reputation has resulted in us having a long list of completed projects with many repeat customers. To ensure complete flexibility, services are tailored to suit the requirements of each individual client.

Concept to Completion drives our team and every one of us is fully committed to a project from the first time we have contact with our client right through to handover and the ongoing after sales service. This approach ensures that we are able to consistently deliver high quality vertical transport solutions, no matter the project size.

We document new projects, carry out site visits, provide compliance reports and upgrade strategies. We have a solution for ALL lift specifications.

An important and growing part of City Lifts is Altivate Action – this is our dedicated Service, Maintenance and Repair division. We have management and operational systems in place to ensure quality service.

Altivate Rise Altivate Rise Brochure
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  • Promotions Service Lifts Maxi Product Selection Guide
  • Promotions Service Lifts Technical Manual

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