Car Stacking Solutions

A mechanical parking system can more than double the amount of on site parking, this can be of great benefit to developers, designers and tenants.

Altivate Park offers a range of solutions for the lack of car parking space in the Perth metropolitan area. Parking lifts and car stackers can be installed above or below ground providing benefits to Residents, Tenants, Developers and Designers. Concerns about street parking leaving vehicles vulnerable to theft and vandalism, a parking lift can double the amount of on site parking.

Having additional on site parking provides a safer more convenient environment. High-quality and reliable parking equipment will add value to your property. Developers & Designers incorporate car stackers in their designs to maximise the usable space of commercial, industrial, residential and domestic buildings. Local council planning standards include onerous parking requirements.

Often the only feasible way to comply with these conditions and have a commercially viable development is to utilise multi-level car stackers.

City Lifts can assist with a myriad of products and designs to suit a host of applications:

  • Two Post Parking Lift | 6601
  • Two Post Parking Lift | 6602
  • Four Post Parking Lift | 6610
  • Four Post Parking Lift | 6611
  • Four Post Parking Lift | 6612
  • Four Post Parking Lift | 6614
  • Two Post Tilting Parking Lift | 6640
  • Pit Two Post Parking Lift | 6650
  • Pit Four Post Parking Lift | 6660
  • Bi-Directional Parking System | 6670
  • Automatic Tower Parking System | 6680
  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor | 6681
  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor | 6682
  • Car Turn Table | 6683

City Lifts specialises in vertical transportation equipment. We are Perth's largest privately owned provider of these products and utilise a global network of manufacturing facilities as well as our in-house lift interior manufacturing to deliver superior value for money.

Our reputation has resulted in us having a long list of completed projects with many repeat customers. To ensure complete flexibility, services are tailored to suit the requirements of each individual client.

Concept to Completion drives our team and every one of us is fully committed to a project from the first time we have contact with our client right through to handover and the ongoing after sales service. This approach ensures that we are able to consistently deliver high quality vertical transport solutions, no matter the project size.

We document new projects, carry out site visits, provide compliance reports and upgrade strategies. We have a solution for ALL lift specifications.

An important and growing part of City Lifts is Altivate Action – this is our dedicated Service, Maintenance and Repair division. We have management and operational systems in place to ensure quality service.

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